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What is Cymuned?

Here is a brief introduction to Cymuned – if you have any further questions, please feel free to look through the rest of the site or to get in touch with us in the office at cymuned[at]cymuned.org or on 01758-612712.

Cymuned is a community pressure group which believes that we need to strengthen our communities if we are to build a sustainable future for our civilisation. We believe that strengthening communities leads to:

  • less crime and disorder,

  • a more promising future for the Welsh language,

  • a better standard of living for everyone

  • and a healthier, more civilised society.

In practical terms, we are currently campaigning for:

  • limiting the right to build new houses to local people only (as is already happening in England – see Homes4Locals.com),

  • significantly increasing council tax on holiday homes (see Tax200.com),

  • limiting planning permission for new retail and food stores to local people only (see Shops4Locals.com)

  • and the use of the Welsh language as the administrative language of institutions based in the Fro Gymraeg (see Gweithio.com).

We also aim to increase awareness of the importance of the Welsh language amongst newcomers to Welsh-speaking areas (see English-in-Wales.com), amongst tourists (see Tourists-in-Wales.com) and amongst businesses (see Business-in-Wales.com).

We send a weekly e-mail at everyone who subscribes through one of the above websites (or here on the main site – see below) with the latest news for each of the campaigns, and also with news about other causes which we feel deserve our support. The e-mail is currently reaching over 1700 every week, and is growing increasingly quickly all the time.

We believe that we have created a framework which enables local people to raise their voices on matters which are important to them in a more efficient way than ever before. People who receive our weekly e-mail can become part of whichever campaign they would like simply by getting in touch with us and offering to do one of Dewi Sant’s Little Actions – once they do, they can then contribute directly to the process of deciding how to develop that campaign further.

This pattern has already lead to the establishing of new action groups in Gwynedd, in the North-East, in the Valleys and even in Kernow (Cornwall). We are confident that this is the right way forward to make sure that the opinions of local people are heard more clearly by our politicians, both at local and national level.

Click here to read more about why you should consider becoming part of our work, or click here to become a member now.

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Click here for an introduction to Cymuned by Dr Jerry Hunter of the University of Wales in Bangor.

Cymuned, 64 Stryd Fawr, Pwllheli, Gwynedd LL53 5RR - 01758-612712 - cymuned[at]cymuned.org